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Website Analytics


We are using Google Analytics to help us track and measure progress on your internet marketing campaigns. While we believe search engines conversion codes are very important, Google analytics allows us to see more data and perform in-depth analysis. We can also compare your paid traffic to all other sources, see visitor performance during each step of a conversion funnel, and measure the average time on site along with bounce rates. Our consultants are Certified Analytics Professionals and we stay up to date on the latest features such as Analytics Intelligence and Advanced Segmentation, for example. Some of the benefits with Google Analytics are:

Free Installation

100% free, without any hidden cost or extra hardware requirements. If you are currently paying for web tracking software, you could reinvest into your PPC campaign. Reciprocal Consulting will install and configure Google Analytics as part of the setup process.

Integration Options

Data collected with Google Analytics can be integrated with a variety of tools and software packages, including the Google Website Optimizer, CRM Solutions and more.

Advanced, Enterprise Level Reporting

GeoTargeting, site overlay, executive dashboards, conversion funnels, e-commerce reports, and on-the-fly visitor segmentation allow you to drill down and learn how visitors reach your site, what activities they perform while on your site, where they exit, what they buy, and much more.

Linked to Adwords

If you're an Adwords advertiser, Google Analytics can be configured to automatically import your keyword list and cost data. You can then generate ROI metrics for individual keywords as well as your entire Adwords campaign.

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