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Video Production


Video marketing is now one of the most effective internet marketing strategies to apply. In today’s modern world, most people are busy and have short attention spans. With all sorts of ads vying for their attention, you need something to capture their interest and engage as much of their senses. Videos are very powerful because they engage the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses.

Videos are more personal; they talk directly to the reader, unlike written text where you usually don't have a clear idea on who is speaking.

Full Service Solution

We can provide our video service to produce your company overview, presentation, infomercial, training, commercial, welcome message, interview, testimonials, reviews, tutorials, or any other video that will help increase your online marketing campaign.

Online Video Marketing

Promoting your website with online video through Youtube and other video channels.


On-Location Video Production.

Video Format

Videos filmed in DV or HDV format.


Creating natural and professional looking speech.


We can provide quality control for your video's lighting requirements.


Video Editing and post-production includes titles, graphics, voice over, music, and more.

Website Integration

HTML5, Flash, or Windows Media

Video Sharing

We submit your video to multiple video-sharing sites including Youtube.

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More Information

Does Web Video Really Make a Difference?

Video marketing is a great strategy if you want to increase your web exposure and earnings.

"Video provides a rich medium designed to drive awareness and engagement, to entertain, and to deliver advertising impressions in a format more targeted, focused and familiar to customers."

"35% of web retailers are using online video and 45% plan on adding video in 2009."
- Scene7 / Adobe Systems

"When applied properly, online video can be incredibly valuable."
- Sucharita Mulpuru, Forrester Research Inc.

"We're seeing exciting things with video... customer have more control over what they view and video keeps exploding with new uses."
- Sarah Gallagher, Senior Manage of Interactive Marketing, The North Face.