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"You are dominating my industry in Southern CA on Google. I could not be any happier! We are creating a banner that will state anyone driving over 40 miles to our facility will receive an automatic 25% off any package. That should help with the further clicks. Great job [...] Thanks again."

3D Video Ultrasound, PPC Lead Generation

"FYI, I also reported the results of my blind head-to-head PPC management testing to my mastermind group this month. It's a group of highly successful Internet marketers from around the globe. Most of us either have household names in the internet marketing world or have companies that are very popular. Our PPC budgets range from 10k/month to 400k per month. To say that the group was impressed with what you had done with my campaigns and how well you performed in the blind head-to-head split test is an understatement. :)"

Home Investor, PPC Lead Generation

"Hi Dan,
Yes, things this month are great – and I like the most that the overall cost is down – thus far I am at $2400+/- and last month this time I was already over $3000 – keep up the good work!!! Thanks for checking in!"

Travel Website, PPC Lead Generation

"Everything is working great , keep it up . I just referred someone to you for ppc . He is a chiropractor in a different part of town but not that far away . His name is [withheld] , I just hope it wont conflict with our campaign . He is definately [sic] going to call you . Have a happy and healthy new year . [withheld] MD!"

Medical Clinic, PPC Lead Generation

"Hi John. I would like to express to you what a wonderful job Dan has done for our PPC. I could not ask for a better person to work with. He has always been available and willing to help. The results are very evident."

Public Adjusters, PPC & SEO Lead Generation

"...the day we signed our contract with Reciprocal Consulting the leads started comming in. They know what they are doing and they care about our bottom line. What else can you ask from an Internet Marketing Company?"

Real Estate Agency, PPC & SEO Lead Generation

Thanks so much. I could not find the article now that you fixed things so well. I will get (withheld) in touch with you. He is hard to get a hold of; so I will have him call you at your business number. You guys are the best."

Law Firm, SEO & Reputation Management

"Yes, I'm pleased. The thing that is most impressive is not the volume or total quantity (which is unreal), it is the cost @ $20/conversion. Let's see if those results repeat!!!! I would kill to have that conversion cost on a long-term basis. Do you think it is possible????"

Glass Wholesale and Retail, PPC & SEO E-commerce

"Hello John,
I want you to know that [Adwords rep] has done a very good job and I enjoy working with him. He's great! He always keeps me in the loop and has done a great job of making suggestions for growing the campaigns..."

Electronic Retail, PPC E-commerce

You did it. I got a nice couples lead today and will be seeing them this evening. GREAT JOB....keep tweaking whatever you are tweaking. Hoping I get more over the weekend."

Marriage Therapist, PPC Lead Generation & Website Development

"Good afternoon Dave,
...We want to continue using you and or [Adwords rep], on an hourly consulting basis for any linking questions or strategies. You have a done a good job getting us going on this path and you work is greatly appreciated. Of course we want [Adwords rep] to continue with managing our PPC campaigns, he has a done an excellent job."

Pet Supplies Retail, PPC & SEO E-commerce

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