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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which we help websites to get indexed and ranked well for the best keywords that represent their content in "natural search results." The natural search results are those which show up in the main body of the page when searching on Google. This set is completely separate from "sponsored results" or "pay-per-click" search results, and the best way to improve your site's natural rankings is through SEO.

From a marketing standpoint, the goal of SEO is to position the website as high as possible in the natural results for the search phrases that best convert into sales, leads, or another action.

We are a results-oriented search engine optimization firm. We focus on ROI and use only "white hat" ethical SEO standards.

SEO Setup

A comprehensive evaluation of your keywords, site content and organization, link profile, and suggestions for any changes that will help your SEO campaign.

Local Business Listings

We help all of our SEO clients to maximize their natural search presence with high ranking Google "local business listings" (those that show up next to the Google map in Google's search results).

Content Creation

We evaluate and propose different methods of creating content for your website. We have a team of writers available who can write on many different topics.

Link Building

We suggest many different methods of building links, and let our clients choose from amongst them.

Monitoring and Reporting

We check each client's rankings for targeted keywords and create detailed reports showing changes in position over the course of the month, and new links acquired.

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More Information

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Natural search can be an incredible source of well-targeted traffic to your site, and once you show up at the top for your keywords, you have a source of traffic that's not limited by cost-per-click or daily budgets like sponsored search.

SEO is a great investment for the following reasons:

  • We improve your site's organization and make it easy for search engines to repeatedly find and index your website content.
  • The suggestions that we give will be “best practice” standards that you and your designers can use for any future work you do.
  • New, original content that you add will be yours forever, and you can bring in search traffic from it for as long as it’s there.
  • Many links that you get will be permanent links that will continue to exist, drive traffic, and help your search results for as long as the linking site remains online.
  • Most importantly, you never pay a cent for showing up for keywords that you aren’t targeting. In fact, long-tail searches that weren’t planned for can bring in a lot of converting traffic as well.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

The first step in SEO is keyword selection. Sometimes our clients have keywords in mind that they know work well for their site. We also do keyword research using a variety of methods including competitive intelligence, Adwords and Analytics data, and keyword suggestion tools that make statistical estimates based on samples of searches drawn from various sources. Once we have agreed upon the best keywords to target, we can move onto the next step.

Next, we make sure that your content is accessible to Google and organized in the best way possible. This initial focus is an evaluation of on-page SEO factors. During the setup process, the website itself is thoroughly evaluated, and suggestions are made that will improve the way that your site is ranked in Google for the best keywords.

The ongoing process of search engine optimization involves link building and content creation. There are many different ways to approach both.

For link building, we use a variety of methods to create a natural link profile that increases Google's perception of "importance" of your website. Many of the links we can get for your website will be permanent links that help your rankings for years to come. We realize that Google is constantly trying to devalue "paid links" so that webmasters can't "buy their way to the top" of the search results, so we avoid links from sites who appear to be engaging in this practice.

There are also many different ways to go about content creation. We encourage blogging and social media, and we have writers who can take on these tasks as well. Google values content, and it is an integral part of an effective SEO campaign.

There are many other factors involved in search engine optimization, such as historical factors and "trust," and we address them all throughout the course of our work.

Why Choose Us?

Many firms offer search engine optimization, but not many tell you how they do it. One possible reason is unethical SEO techniques that can get your site banned from the search results, or you may be paying for not much of anything at all.

Reciprocal Consulting is an ethical SEO firm that provides transparent search engine optimization to our clients.

Nothing we do here is a secret, and it's all outlined in Google's webmaster guidelines. We also consider ourselves an ethical SEO company. We encourage you to read about SEO best practice as described by Google themselves.