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Should I start with paid search or natural search?

We suggest that you start with paid search. This allows you to test a large number of keywords, and to measure the results on a keyword by keyword basis. This information can then be used to target effective, high-impact keywords for your natural search efforts.

Is paid search expensive?

Poorly managed paid search can be very expensive. If it is properly managed, it can be extremely lucrative for our clients. It is most important that the results are carefully tracked and the data received is used to optimize the campaigns. You cannot improve what you do not measure.

How many keywords can I bid on?

Reciprocal Consulting will advertise on as many keywords as are necessary to adequately cover your particular marketplace. We prefer to build your campaigns "bulky" at first, and then narrow it down to the keywords which are converting best for business.

How will I be charged for your services?

We charge a setup fee. The setup fee is based on the time and effort necessary to take over your existing account or to build one from scratch. We will set up an account in your name and on your credit cards for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We will also make sure that we install the conversion code and Analytics code on your website so we can measure everything back to a return on investment. Our monthly fees are based on a percentage of your monthly spend with a minimum monthly charge for our company.

Are there spending requirements to run my campaign?

No. There are no minimum spending requirements. However, we will analyze the competitive landscape for your marketplace and make suggestions for starting budgets.

Is there a minimum contract length with your company?

We ask that you give us 30 days beyond the setup of your campaign. This gives us enough time to tune the campaign for performance. After that, you are free to let us go at any time. We chose the name Reciprocal because we know that any long lasting relationship has to be a win/win relationship. We never want to take advantage of our clients and we do not want to be taken advantage of either. Therefore, we crafted our contracts to be win/win.

How will I know how my account is performing?

We setup and give you access to your analytics reporting system. We have also developed a set of reports that we know are useful to the majority of our clients. We are also willing to customize this reporting to our clients needs.

What input will I have in the process?

We have an initial kick off call to gather information from you on the history of your account and your experiences up to this point. During this call, we will determine the frequency by which we will have subsequent calls to continually update each other on the performance of the account.

Can I add or change the keywords I have?

You may request revisions to your account at any time.

Who will be managing my account?

Our team is made up of Google Certified Analysts that have extensive training and experience in running PPC accounts. You will have one person assigned as your account as a liaison into our company. There is a team of consultants assigned to your account that are all trained up in each others area of expertise. The reason for this is so any of them can take over for each other in the event of illness, vacations, or personal days.

How often do I get the chance to speak to you about my Pay Per Click account and what if I have questions?

During the kick off call, we will schedule the subsequent calls and the frequency of these calls. If you have any questions regarding your account, you will have the contact numbers for everyone managing your account. We also encourage feedback from our customers for the results of our campaign work. On paper the campaign can look like it is working great. When we speak to our client, they give us the true picture as the actual sales data get integrated at this time.

I already have a PPC account in Google and Yahoo, can you just take over this existing account or do you have to set up a new one?

Yes, we can take over your existing accounts. Sometimes it is necessary for us to create a new account on your behalf due to the history of your previous account.

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