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Content Experiments


Reciprocal Consulting has been using Google Content Experiments to increase conversion rates, optimize landing pages and make sales funnels more prominent. We use this tool after optimizing your PPC and SEO campaigns. This usually gives us enough data to establish a baseline for your current site. Content Experiments allow us to either test 2 different versions of the same page or to run multivariate testing while controlling for several variables within a single landing page. The benefits are:

Increase Sales / Conversion Rates

Find the winning combination for your website or landing page.

Decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Construct experiments designed to lower your cost per conversion.

Decrease "Bounce Rates"

Learn what makes people click through your sales funnels and reach conversion goals.

Determine Optimum Design

Let your customers decide and show you what works. Eliminate guesswork.

Record & Grow

Keep track of all your past experiments and find design trends that work for your business.

No Additional Cost To You

We will use Google Content Experiments after 3-6 months of optimizing your online campaigns through traditional methods. This service is included with your PPC management.

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