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Small enough to deal directly with owners, but large enough to handle all your needs.

Reciprocal Consulting, founded in September of '03, came from modest beginnings, building campaigns for family and friends in the local Philadelphia area. From the outset, the company's founders discovered they could drastically cut marketing expenses when driving leads into service businesses by over 70%, using rigorously tested Internet marketing methods.

Meet Our Team

John Pike

John Pike

Owner & President

John Pike has a degree in Computer Science and 20 years experience in the information technology industry. His job experience includes positions held at Fortune 500 as well as smaller companies. He has worked in various capacities in the field, including programming, consulting, database administration, and sales.

David Lazar

David Lazar

PPC Manager

David Lazar has been involved with internet marketing since 1995, helping businesses define, develop, improve, expand, and manage their online presence. With over 18 years’ experience, David is a foremost authority who consistently gets results. He has extensive hands-on experience creating and managing PPC campaigns, eCommerce projects, testing landing pages, and has an overarching understanding of what it takes to develop a meaningful and profitable online presence.

Chris Hartwell

Chris Hartwell

SEO Manager & Reputation Management

Chris Hartwell has a master's degree from Tulane University and 18 years of experience in web design and internet marketing. His experience began as a freelance web designer, and his early success with search engine optimization and marketing shaped his career for years to come. Chris has experience developing, managing, and marketing many top-ranking websites in their niche.

Dan Lowenthal

Dan Lowenthal

Senior Web Developer

Dan Lowenthal has a degree in Computer Science and 15+ years experience developing business websites and desktop applications. Dan is also a certified Google Advertising Professional and Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador with extensive pay-per-click campaign management experience.

Our Partners

What We Do

Reciprocal offers multiple services including: adwords/PPC management, SEO, web design, copy development, multivariate landing page testing, usability labs for UI optimization, shopping cart development, multi-stage lead form development, video production and more. Each service that Reciprocal presents is carefully researched and tested for achieving measurable and acceptable results.

Reciprocal now has six full time senior professionals and over a dozen subcontractors who are focused on producing results for our clients. The company also incorporates the talents of radio broadcast professional Bill Simpson. Simpson, host of the syndicated "Pathways to Health" radio program, has 20 years experience in the industry and aids Reciprocal in recording high quality audio for clients' websites.

Reciprocal Consulting has many online partners. Our consultants maintain an ongoing agency level relationship with Adwords, Yahoo! SM and other marketing channels. Our reps regularly communicate with the company on a variety of issues ranging from click fraud refunds, technical support to new opportunities. In their relationship to Google and Yahoo, Reciprocal is part of an exclusive group of agencies that gain access to Beta programs before they are rolled out to the wider market. This gives our clients a competitive advantage in the online marketplace because Reciprocal can promise to have mastered newer programs as competing firms are just being introduced to them.

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More Information

Make sure that you do your due diligence when deciding to hire an Internet Marketing Firm. Reciprocal Consulting has been providing SEM services since 2003. We have assembled an excellent team of senior professionals that bring a diverse set of skills in all aspects of Internet Advertising. Our experts have an average of 10+ years of experience and are from entrepreneurial backgrounds. That means that we are always looking at the each unique marketing situation as if we were owners. This is the best form of representation that any business owner can ask for when spending real money on marketing their products or services. If you are looking for a firm that is a partner in your Marketing efforts, look no further than Reciprocal Consulting.

Reciprocal Consulting Inc. is a proud member of SiteTrust Network ®, American Marketing Association (AMA), Performance Marketing Association & Econsultancy.

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