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Hear what our clients are saying...

This is just outstanding! I continue to be very impressed by the high quality of your workmanship...

You are dominating my industry in Southern CA on Google. I could not be any happier! Great job...

To say that the group was impressed with what you had done with my campaigns and how well you performed in the blind head-to-head split test is an understatement...

Yes, I'm pleased. The thing that is most impressive is not the volume or total quantity (which is unreal), it is the cost @ $20/conversion...

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Aggressive, Conversion-Driven Paid Search Marketing

We can streamline your accounts with Google Adwords ® & MSN Ad Center ®, so you can enjoy savings now and for years to come. We have extensive experience in many different industries for optimizing pay per click campaigns and increasing ROI.
We increase your click-through rate, decrease your conversion costs, raise your position on the page and increase your sales volume - all at the same time.

Here are the factors that set Reciprocal Consulting apart from other pay per click managers:

PPC Evaluation

No Obligation & No Charge

Fill out our contact form to receive a full evaluation of your current PPC Accounts and your Website. If you currently do not market on the internet, we will create a custom proposal that will include estimated budget needed to be competitive in your industry. Our analysis will include the following:

We will deliver your custom estimate within 24-48 hours following your initial request. Please note that one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your goals prior to creating the evaluation.

Keeping up with the Algorithms

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

We stay up to date with changes in the Google Adwords algorithm. Google's algorithm is constantly changing, and often times, these changes go unannounced. We are frequently the first industry experts to catch new changes, due to the fact that we have so many sets of eyes on the search results.

Since minor changes can affect cost per click and conversion rates, it's imperative that pay per click managers react quickly in order to keep up with the algorithm's effect on each account. Pay per click managers who "set it and forget it," usually lose their clients because they come to us complaining about rising costs or decreased conversions with their old management firm. At Reciprocal Consulting, we are constantly working to improve your pay per click account's efficiency.

Keyword Match Types

Making Use of Different Match Types Saves You Money

While some PPC managers avoid the use of broad matching, we will use it in conjunction with carefully selected negative keywords. We also use broad matching in test trials as a way to generate new keyword and negative keyword ideas. This is how we turn "lemons into lemonade." While your competitors are wondering what made keyword prices and traffic jump suddenly, we are running tests that utilize the expanded broad match for discovering ways to find new long-tail keywords. Those new keywords will be used to bring in targeted traffic with low conversion costs.

We also know all the tricks that have been around for years. In fact we know so many tricks on so many pay per click platforms, we often have to explain them to the customer service reps who don't understand the features about their own products. For example some PPC engines will let you use text instead of URL's for the display URL -- some will even allow text like "click here for more info." We tried to explain this to a service rep at MSN and he denied it could be done, despite the fact we had been doing it for months on their platform.

If you are using Google, Yahoo or MSN account managers to help you run your campaign, you may not receive the service you expect for a large account. We have seen some large search engine account managers set up clients with large campaigns with no conversion tracking enabled. This tracking code takes only a few minutes to install. Without this simple code, it is impossible to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and its components. It is the equivalent of driving your car with out a gas gauge and speedometer.

Efficiency and Transparency

Prompt Pay Per Click Account Creation and Enhancement

We work very quickly. Time is money, and we get to the heart of your campaign's issues fast. Often times, we can cut a tremendous amount of waste out of an existing campaign on the first day.

We don't know your business as well as you do, so we listen carefully to your suggestions and insights. We let you see everything that we do and we keep no secrets from our clients. We let you review all of the ads, keywords, and analytics so that you can provide us with information that will allow us to cut your costs to a minimum.

Eliminating Click Fraud

Making Each Click Count

Fraudulent clicks on search engine ads are pervasive on the web and they are widely tolerated by most Internet Advertising firms. Fraud clicks are not from genuine web surfers. They may be competitors trying to break your budget, or owners of websites where your ads are displayed who get paid a commission for click revenues. Fraud traffic does not convert to leads. It distorts data and rewards bad practices on the web. Other Internet Advertising firms may "tolerate" a certain amount of fraud as inevitable. We do not tolerate fraud because it directly impacts the ROI of our campaigns, and ROI is our focus.

We monitor referring links every day in order to eliminate the majority of click fraud. If fraud clicks cannot be eliminated from a particular search engine network, we will lower our bid prices to ensure that the ROI clears the desired hurdle for the campaign. We work to eliminate the source of the fraud and we work to get refunds for clients whenever possible.

Other Services

Other Services we Provide

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