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At Reciprocal Consulting we make the most out of the knowledge and experience that our partners bring to the table. We also stay up to date with the latest trends and offerings in the internet marketing field. Here are the services we now offer to our clients.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We strongly believe in search engine marketing as one of the best ways to to drive qualified leads to businesses, and convert visitors into sales. Search engine marketing is one of the most cost effective means of advertising on the internet today, and we believe in covering "all fronts," pay-per-click advertising and natural SEO.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

We can streamline your accounts with Google, Yahoo and MSN, so you can enjoy savings now and for years to come. We discover new techniques for optimizing pay per click campaigns on a daily basis. During morning meetings our Pay Per Click Managers compare results, share ideas and discuss the latest algorithm changes.

Beware of claims by other pay per click management companies that they have patented software and other black box methods for optimizing your campaigns. Google, Yahoo and MSN update internal algorithms often and they do no publish the changes. Nor are these changes discoverable by any piece of software (read the short piece in the right margin of this page.) We find out about subtle changes by constantly running analytic reports and checking them with our own eyes.

We also mine your company's internal expertise to come up with effective keywords and bidding strategies to maximize your profit margins. There is no piece of software nor any expert system that incorporates all these factors. Creativity, teamwork and constant testing of new ideas builds powerful campaigns. More

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which we help websites to get indexed and ranked well for the best keywords that represent their content in "natural search results." The natural search results are those that show up in the main body of the page when a user performs a search on Google. This set is completely separate from "sponsored results" or "pay-per-click" search results, and the best way to improve your site's natural rankings is through SEO.

From a marketing standpoint, the goal of SEO is to position the website to show up as high as possible in the natural results for keyword phrases that convert well into sales, leads, or the type of traffic desired.

We are a results oriented search engine optimization firm who focuses on ROI and "white hat" ethical SEO standards. More

Online Reputation Management Services

With the growing popularity of social media, free blogging web sites, and consumer review sites, it has become very easy for even novice internet users to publish disparaging content to the web and harm a company's hard-earned reputation. Social bookmarking and voting sites like Digg and Stumbleupon have the ability to put that content in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors within an hour or two, and search engines like Google are indexing content at a faster rate than ever. Most blog posts start showing up in the search results within 1-4 weeks of getting posted.

Do reputation management firms need to be concerned about the web?

Of course they do.

Online reputation management is the future of reputation management, and a proactive approach is the best approach. We have the ability to generate positive information, buzz, and press about your company by having it published on many different news and social media web sites. More

Social Media Optimization Services

The term Social Media Optimization (SMO) came from a blog entry called 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO) by Rhohit Bhargava. Some concepts listed in the article that follows, including "Encourage Mashups" and parts of the linking strategy section were adapted from Rohit's 5 rules. Our intention is to add to Rohit's good work by providing strategies that work across a wide spectrum of consumer oriented Social Media sites. Social Media sites geared toward a wide audience require a strategy for driving user generated content growth. These sites also need a search engine optimization strategy that deploys systematically as efficient programming tools interact with a dynamic user community. More

Competitive Intelligence

Have your competition's profits been rolling in while you were staring in amazement at rising cost-per-click and lower ROI? Competitive intelligence gives your company the advantage, finally placing the "ball in your court."

We gather, analyze, and help our clients to apply information about their competitors to their marketing campaigns. More

Why Choose Reciprocal Consulting?

We have a team of experts in every niche of internet marketing and have successfully deployed web advertising campaigns across many different media formats. We have a loyal group of clients who have been with us for years and reap the benefits of their well-optimized ad campaigns. Call us today to see how we can benefit you! 1-888-220-7361

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